Great Potential, Many Pitfalls Understanding China's Belt and Road Initiative


  • Air Commodore Sajjad Hussain



Bijan Omrani, Editor of the Journal Asian Affairs critically evaluates the potential as well the pitfalls of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) trade and infrastructure project by exploring some related themes. This edited book is divided into seven chapters, each contributed by a different author. These chapters were presented at a joint conference of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs and the Woodrow Wilson Centre. The editor has brought together these chapters for the sake of an advancedclarity on the subject. The primary data sources comprise of national and international statistics, such as the World Bank Databank, as well as governmental documents made public, including the Pentagon report.

Author Biography

Air Commodore Sajjad Hussain

Reviewed by Air Commodore Sajjad Hussain, PhD Scholar at the Department of IR, National Defence University, Islamabad.




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Hussain, Air Commodore Sajjad. 2023. “Great Potential, Many Pitfalls Understanding China’s Belt and Road Initiative”. Journal of Contemporary Studies 11 (2):105-7.