• Dr. Moonis Ahmar


National Harmony, Cohesion, Co-existence, Tolerance, Good Will, Multi-Cultural, Ownership, Indifference, Trust


National harmony and cohesion is required in a state which is homogenous, but it becomes a major challenge in a multi-cultural
society. This paper examines the dynamics of national harmony and cohesion in the context of University of Karachi and the surge of student’s politics on ethnic, lingual and sectarian grounds. Factors, which have destabilized the peace of Karachi for the last 30 years, will also be discussed. Workable solutions/recommendations for reestablishing harmony and coexistence in Karachi will also be presented. The process of nation-building can only be unleashed when there is a commitment at the state and societal levels for moving the country in the right direction and by promoting national harmony and cohesion. A major challenge to seek the objective of national harmony and cohesion in Pakistan is the lack of ownership at the state and societal levels. A general sense of indifference, with a few exceptions, could be found among people about the resources, crises, conflicts, violence and the mode of governance. Despite impediments and challenges in the way for national harmony and cohesion, there is certainly a hope to move in the direction which could at least pull Pakistan from the web of crises, put it on the roadto progress and prosperity. National harmony and cohesion is a longterm process as there are no shortcuts to accomplish such a gigantic task in a country which also has experienced its disintegration and atthe same time is still grappling with the issues of ethnicity, sect, democracy and religion. Sindh is a unique case study of national harmony and cohesion because of its sharp demographic, ethnic and lingual transformation since the Independence of Pakistan.Sindh can certainly emerge as a model of national harmony and coexistence provided the walls of suspicion and mistrust among different communities are dismantled and replaced with goodwill, harmony, coexistence and tolerance.

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Dr. Moonis Ahmar

Dr. Moonis Ahmar is Dean Faculty of Arts, University of Karachi.




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