• Ehsan Mehmood Khan



National Security, Comprehensive National Security, National Interest, National Power, Elements of National Power


“The objectives of foreign policy must be defined in terms of the national interest and must be supported with adequate power.”
– Hans J. Morgenthau

Even though, national interest is one of the most developed concepts of IR scholarship, yet it remains under the debate in academic and policy circles. Various scholars and institutions contextualize and categorize national interests varyingly. There are five main issues under deliberation: first, the interplay of power and morality in formulation and pursuit of national interests; second, longevity, durability and permanency of national interests; third, the interaction between national and public interests, and the process of interest adjudication, which is the function of the political system; fourth, Islamic perspective on national interest; and fifth, the future
of national interest in the wake of growing power of the non-state actors, which have started challenging the notion of national interest. This paper revisits the concept and context of national interest with strategic arguments on different debates on national interest. Important attributes of the power potential affecting national interests are considered and conceptualized by the author. The research is descriptive, explanatory, analytical and perspective in nature.


Author Biography

Ehsan Mehmood Khan

PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies, and author of Human Security in Pakistan (2013). He writes on issues related to comprehensive national security, human security, military strategy, military history, hybrid warfare, and peace and conflict studies.

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