The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet


  • Mujeeb Jan Talpur National Defence University



The New Climate War" by Michael E. Mann is a comprehensive and well-written examination of the ongoing battle to combat climate change. Mann, a leading climate scientist, provides a detailed look at the tactics used by those who deny the reality of climate change and the ways in which these tactics have hindered progress in addressing the issue. He also offers solutions for how we can overcome these obstacles and effectively combat climate change. Well-known climate scientist explains how the fossil fuel industry has spent the last thirty years avoiding blame and postponing climate change action, and offers a strategy to preserve the planet. Recycle. Fly less frequently. Avoid eating meat. These climate change indicators have been taught to us. However, a marketing strategy has successfully placed the whole burden of combating climate change on individuals, resulting in an overemphasis on human behaviour.

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Mujeeb Jan Talpur, National Defence University

Reviewed by Mujeeb Jan Talpur, PhD Scholar at the Department of IR, National Defence University, Islamabad.



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Talpur, Mujeeb Jan. 2023. “The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet”. Journal of Contemporary Studies 11 (2):111-13.